Election Day

Keith Boykin - Election Day.JPG

Today is election day in New York City.

If you want things to change in this country, you can’t just vote every four years in presidential elections. You also need to vote for senators, representatives, governors, state legislators, mayors, city council members, school board members, and, yes, even in special elections like the one being held today.

There’s only one race on the ballot today. The election is for the office of Public Advocate, the person who presides over City Council meetings and is next in line of succession to be mayor. Seventeen candidates are on the ballot, but you can only vote for one.

The last person to hold the job, Letitia James, was elected to be our current New York State attorney general, which is why the office is now vacant. Today’s election is a special election to fill out her term until a new election is held in November.

Curbed has posted an informative article called “Everything you need to know about NYC’s public advocate special election,” which includes a list of candidates and information about the race.

Polls close at 9 p.m., Now go out and vote.